jueves, 10 de marzo de 2005


(Para Fate, que es un clavado en estas cosas)

Este es un extracto de una entrevista con Jimmy Wales, de Wikipedia:

Q - How does Wikipedia stack up to Britannica?

By number of entries, we're about six times as large, but that's an unfair comparison, since we slice up entries differently. The fairest comparison is by number of words, and we're twice the size of Britannica by that count.

An interesting comparison, not to Britannica but to other top sites, is traffic. We now have more traffic than Paypal, more than USAToday.com, and we're close to NYTimes.com. We're doing this all with volunteers who are managing the servers and doing everything themselves, and that's pretty astonishing.

I was recently on a panel with the head of USAToday.com. He said they have 300 million pageviews a month. I said that's good; we have 400 million. Then he said he had 180 people on staff. I said I have one part-time person who helps me with the servers. There's something new going on here. It's not about broadcast, it's about interaction.

Extracto tomado de Good Experience